Welcome to simplechristianity.com, O'Fallon Church of Christ's home on the Internet. We are an exciting and growing church in O'Fallon, Missouri, striving to restore the heart of simple Christianity. Our strength is found in our relationship with God and each other through the power of His saving grace. We endeavor to live, love, worship, and have commitment and faith like that of the New Testament Christians. Our faith is in the Word of God rather than the traditions of men. The O'Fallon Church of Christ family is made up of a variety of people, each seeking to use their talents for the Lord. We hope you will take the time to learn more about us and join us for Bible classes and worship services. Please feel free to contact us for personal Bible study or with any questions you might have.

The current Sermon Series :
There is no doubt we have all heard the word "disciple" though many may not be exactly sure of its meaning. Technically, it is a pupil, student or learner. An examination of the Scriptures reveals a more involved definition than that, however. For our Christian purposes, a disciple of Jesus is a person who has heard and responded to his gospel by learning and living his teachings and encouraging others to do likewise. Beloved, the same invitation Christ gave to the disciples to follow him and become fishers of men (Matthew 4:18-20) is extended to us today. Throughout this year we will consider discipleship in general, and what it means as well as how to accomplish it, specifically. It is our hope that by year's end, we will all have both a better understanding and an improved walked as we follow our Savior as true disciples.

Current Sermon Series:

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